Carl S. Lovetere Jr

Born on August 18 1950 in Winsted CT, located in the Litchfield Hills.

1955 August 18 my 5th birthday party was canceled early due to the rain, the next day Highland lake overflowed as did most of the rivers and reservoirs in the area, yes the rain on my 5th birthday started a flood. My family kept our restaurant/grocery store open as the water level in the store was only about 1 ft deep as the store is at the top of a hill which was level with the lake.

1957 A local boater on the lake dropped his keys off the end of my uncle's dock/marina were he sold gas. I dove in and came up with the keys, as my reward I was offered a chance to learn to water ski, and I was off and skiing for my first time.

1957 to 1965 I worked in our family store, collected soda bottles for their two cent deposit, had a paper route, sold night crawlers to the fisherman, purchased my first boat, and improved my water skiing.

1966-1969 I worked in our family store, and the local Shell gas station, water skied, snow skied, ran track, played football as a guard on offense and linebacker on defense.

1970-1975 Worked on construction, built stone walls, cellar foundations, and worked in our family store, snow skied, water skied in local tournaments and worked on my assistant judgeship with the American Water Ski Association, jogged and worked out at the local YMCA, as I payed my way through my AS Degree in Accounting.

1975-1980 Worked on construction building cellar foundations, worked in the winter delivering home heating fuel, worked in our store, water skied on Highland lake and local tournaments, snow skied, jogged and worked out at the YMCA

1980-1982 Worked with the teamsters union in a local grocery warehouse, snow skied, water ski-ed, judged local water ski tournaments, worked out at the YMCA and jogged.

1982 Married Kathy Kelly a water skier, moved to NJ, worked as a short order cook, worked in the warehouse, water skied and judged water ski tournaments and worked out at the YMCA.

1983 Joined Weigert Co. Realtors in Freehold NJ, worked as a short order cook & bookkeeper, skied and judged water ski tournaments, and worked out at the YMCA.

1984 Moved to Wellington, Fl worked with Keyes Co. Realtors and as a waiter in the three ninety first bomb group, skied and judged water ski tournaments. Kathy was working at Good Sam Hospital in the ICU for Labor and Delivery.

1986-1992 Worked for Keyes Co. Realtors and served as Assistant Manager and office manager. Water skied, judged water ski tournaments and road biked about 30 miles a week . 1989 was also one of the best years of our life for Kathy and I as we had our Daughter Kelly Ann Lovetere. I passed out in the Lamaze class but held up great through the delivery. After Kelly was born Kathy left work and Good Sam Hospital to help open the new Labor and Delivery unit in Wellington at Wellington Regional Medical Center.

1992-2002 I joined RE/MAX Direct, my sales average $2,500,000 to $3,000,000 per year. I still water ski, judge water ski tournaments and if you keep your eyes open you will see me biking around Wellington.

1997 The local water Ski Club of the Palm Beaches which I am a member of hosted the 1997 Southern Regional Water Ski Championship as well as the U.S. National Water Ski Championships.

1998-1999  Were great years in real estate with 99 being my best year ever in real estate with 7 million in sales. 1998 we hosted the National water ski championships here at Okeeheelee Park , Kathy , Kelly and I skied and did well. In 99 Kathy received a medal in all three events and Kelly Ann Placed 5 in the Slalom event.

2000 Real estate was good this year. We all skied in the Regional's here at Okeeheelee Park but decided not to make the trip to California for the Nationals, although we all qualified. Kathy and Kelly earned medals at the Regionals. We are still skiing at Okeeheelee on a regular basis as well as the local and Regional tournaments. I am still biking about 60 miles a week, swimming ,  judging and driving in the local ski tournaments here at Okeeheelee Park.

2001 Real estate sales were good , my sales exceeded $3,000,000 which at this time seems to be my average since 1986. The family skied in local tournaments and The Southern Regional Water Ski Championships in NC, Kelly and I skied are average while Kathy placed in slalom , tricks and jumping, Kathy also won the gold medal in overall. I am still skiing, judging and driving in tournaments, bike riding and swimming.

2002 Real estate sales are looking good, we skied in local tournaments and The Southern Regional Water Ski Championships here at Okeeheelee Park . I skied my average while Kathy placed in slalom , tricks and jumping, Kathy also won the gold medal in overall. Kelly won the 5th place medal in slalom and placed 7th her first Regionals in trick skiing. I am still skiing, judging and driving in tournaments, bike riding & swimming . On August 10th I am entering my first small Triathlon.

2003 Real estate, another great year my sales exceeded $4,000,000. We skied in local water ski tournaments and I competed in 5 Triathlons. I am still involved in water skiing but my focus is now on Triathlons, biking about 80 miles per week, swimming 1 mile per week and running 4 mil-es a week. Kelly had a great year in Track in 8th grade making it to the Regionals and placing 2nd in the 100 meter hurdle.

2004 Real estate was great, my sales exceeded $5,000,000. We skied in Local water ski tourna-ments and we hosted the US National water Ski Tournament here at Okeeheelee Park. Kelly's freshman year at Wellington High, she lettered in Track and Band as a majorette. Kelly broke her school record in her first home meet for the 300 meter hurdle. Kelly made it to the Regionals in Track and placed 7th out of 22 High Schools in the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdle. I only competed in 4 Triathlons due to our hurricane season. We had a bad year with a lot of wind damage; we were without electricity for 7 days on one. We did not have any home damage just trees dam-age. WE ARE BUYING A GENERATOR.

2005 Real Estate was challenging this year my sales were around the $3,000,000 range. Kathy is still working at Wellington Regional Medical Center in Wellington. During January we visited my family in CT and Kelly got her second chance at snow skiing. We skied at Killington in VT for 2 days, my favorite place to ski in the old days. Kathy and Kelly competed well and placed in Water Skiing tournaments and The Nationals at our home site. Kelly did well in her majorette competitions and half time performances for the football games were I assisted here squad while enjoying the games. Kelly continued running and hurdling in track and did well. My Triathlons went well finishing around the top 50% in the country for my age bracket. We did get a generator and it came in handy, luckily it was an easy year for hurricanes.

2006 Another challenging year in real estate, my sales continued around the $3,000,000. Range. Kelly had another great year as a Wellington High School majorette and did well in Track running and hurdling. Kathy and Kelly competed well and placed in local tournaments. They both skied well at the Regional Water Ski Championships in GA were we also went white water rafting and I got to do some biking in the Mts. My Triathlons had a set back due to a knee problem but I competed  in a Olympic triathlon at Disney were we stayed in a cabin and had a great time meeting up with a fellow water skier and friend from my home town in Connecticut. The end of the year we were busy looking at colleges for Kelly.

2007 Another challenging year in Real estate, Kathy is still hard at work at Wellington Regional Medical Center .  Kelly did well in her Majorette competitions in fact she will be trying out for the majorette/baton team at Florida State University. Kelly is still running and hurdling in track. Kathy and Kelly are starting to ski again , getting ready for the upcoming water ski season. My knee seems ok so I have high hopes for Triathlons this year. April 15th I completed my first Triathlon for the year and I am really happy with the results.

2008-2009  Two challenging years for Real Eatate to say the least.  One a positive note , the hurricane seasons were not to bad , only had to fire up the Generator a few times. I completed 5 Triathlons and they all went pretty good. Kathy is still skiing great and working very hard as she always has at Wellington Regional Medical Center.  We had some Great times with Kelly in Tallahassee for the home Football games, were she was the co captain of the Majorettes with Florida States Marching Chiefs. We also attended a Great Bowl game in Orlando which was won by the Florida State Seminoles , GO NOLES.

2010  Real Estate is off to a good start so far up to June. Kathy is still at Wellington Regional Medical Centre.  I have already completed in two Triathlons and place in both in my age group. I just purchased a new battery for the Generator. Kelly is the captain of the Majorettes at Florida State.